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Greetings from Meriden, CT
DMS Latitude: 41° 32' 47.8176'' N, DMS Longitude: 72° 47' 21.2280'' W
Latitude: 41.546616, Longitude: -72.789230

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Today's Date: 07/14/2024 12:00:50
Universal Time: 07/14/2024 16:00:50

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 Do you have an event to share? Are you organizing an astrophotography session? Have you found a great spot to take pictures of the heavens away from these damn light-polluted places? Simply looking for other astrophotographer fellows to join in this shared passion?

Here is the place where you can let people know and participate!

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The night sky in the World
Come, ask, and feel part of a great family of people that believe and dream of a celestial life among the stars!
Antonio Pascarella - Member of the
National Space Society and
Proud Distributor of Celestis, Inc., - Memorial Spaceflights

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